1906 Ryukitsu Takai founded "DENKOSHA Ltd." in Shiba, Tokyo. Manufactured and sold pneumatic bells, signal bells and other products of its own invention.
1925 Succeeded in the first domestic production of automatical aligning bearing retainers under contract with NSK LTD.
1941 Moved both Head Office and Factory to Fujisawa City.
1943 Sadakatsu Takai became representative.
1961 Built Tsurumaki Factory in Hadano City.
Commenced production of miniature bearing retainers.
1966 Renamed as TAKAI SEIKI CO., LTD. at the 60th anniversary. Capital: 10 million yen.
1967 Designated as a model factory for small and medium sized business rationalization by Small and Medium Enterprise Agency of Kanagawa Prefecture and has been the model factory for 30years.
1972 Built Isehara Factory in Isehara City.
1983 Incorporated FINE TOOL TAKAI CO., LTD. in Fujisawa Factory.
1984 Received the Minister of International Trade and Industry Award for successful achievement as a small and medium sized business rationalization model factory.
1994 Established SHANGHAI TAKAI SEIKI in Songjiang County, Shanghai, China. Capital: 100 million yen.
1996 The 90th `nniversary of foundation. SHANGHAI TAKAI SEIKI started production.
2000 Tsurumaki Factory was closed under factory consolidation plan.
2001 Hisakatsu Takai became representative director president.
2002 Obtained ISO 14001 Certification.
Consolidated FINE TOOL TAKAI CO., LTD.
2004 Obtained ISO 9001 Certification. Started production and sales of plastic plain bearings.
2005 Kengo Takai bacame representative director president.
Started production and sales of Plastic Bearings and Rotating tilt stages.
2005 Established SHANGHAI GAOPENG PRECISION PLASTIC PRODUCTS CO., LTD. in Xinqiao Town, Shanghai in August and opened business on Dec.1. Capital: CNY 4,000,000
2006 The 100th `nniversary of foundation.
Isehara Factory won the Incentive Award from Kanagawa Prefectural Labor Director.
2007 Implement activity of 5S Mieruka.
2010 Established PT.TAKAI SEIKI INDONESIA in Indonesia. Capital: 1.2 million US.dollars.
2011 PT.TAKAI SEIKI INDONESIA started production.
2015 SHANGHAI GAOPENG PRECISION PLASTIC PRODUCTS CO., LTD. was closed under Shanghai Factory Consolidation Plan. Registration closure in April 2017.
2018 Built the third factory at Isehara Factory.
2019 Built the second factory at PT.TAKAI SEIKI INDONESIA.
2020 SHANGHAI TAKAI SEIKI was closed under Factory Consolidation Plan.