Established in 1906, we have manufactured and sold buzzers and signal bells, which we had invented. Since then, we have been working for 80 years or more, as a manufacturer specialized in bearing cages.
  With the establishment of SHANGHAI TAKAISEIKI CO., LTD. in 1995, the foreign production ratio of mass production of cages has increased. We are pleased to provide bearing cages with high precision, high quality and low price to more customers.
  Since 2004, we have also started production and sales of resin-made bearings, machined parts and injection molding retainers. And PT.TAKAI SEIKI INDONESIA in Indonesia started production in June, 2011.
  We will continue to pursue technology, in order to contribute to various industries, by applying our technical capabilities, which we have developed for years.

Company Name TAKAI SEIKI CO., LTD.
Representative CEO: KENGO TAKAI
Founded April 8, 1906
Capitalization JP\59,000,000
Business Description Production and Sales of bearing cages (retainers).
Production and Sales of resin-made plane bearings and plastic bearings.
Production and Sales of Machining tools and precision metal molds.
Production and Sales of pressed products and injection molding products.
Employees 86
Management Ideology Power of nation is the power of creation.
Through advanced technology and high quality,
we will contribute to comfortable society and
aim to preserve the environment successfully.
Management Policy 1. To provide reliable product and service that satisfies our customers.
2. To innovate technology and develop products as a good manufacturer in improvement of QCD.
3. To manufacture environment-conscious product, cheerful and safe workplace, in compliance with laws and regulaions.